Computex is over, yet work hasn’t slowed down…

The first week of June was Computex, which is usually the busiest week for me in the year, but for whatever reason, I’m getting requests to do freelance work from left, right and centre. I guess it’s a good thing as work has been slow, which in return means I haven’t been making a lot of money. Things are looking up though and if things work out as they appear, then it looks like I’ll be doing a lot better than I have since I moved to Taiwan. I guess these things take time, but when you’re down and out it just doesn’t look like there’s an end to the misery, but apparently there is

Otherwise life is treating me pretty good these days, need to start moving my ass, as I’ve been getting way too lazy and put on too much extra weight these past six months or so. I just don’t have the drive to go to the gym and there’s really no-where to walk to where I live now, so I don’t go out for walks either. Anyone got ideas on how to make me want to move my backside? 😀

I’ve got a few new eateries I need to add to the blog as well and I’m looking at sorting out a new design for the blog, as I’m seeing this one all over the place. Sure, it’s a good template, but I think I’m going to try to go with something a bit more original.

Anyhow, I’ll try to at least update things once a month, as I’ve been really bad at this whole bloging thing. Until next time…

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