New site design and some changes

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to do something of a custom design, not sure it’s the final choice, especially the colours, but it’s a work in progress. I’ve also updated the supermarket list, as some things were not up to date and I added another small chain called Kuma to the list.

I still suck at blogging regularly, but hey, such is life I guess. Been keeping busy with tons of work recently, too much in fact, but the good news is that I’m at least finally starting to make some money. Been doing a couple of video projects and learnt a lot along the way and I’m still learning. If this works out to be a regular thing, then I’m going to have to invest in some better equipment and as tempted as I am by Sony’s new NEX-VG10, it’s a bit outside of my current budget to say the least.

At least the weather has been ok the last couple of weeks, although a tad on the hot side with it hitting 36 degrees plus. Either which way it’s better than rain…