Descisions, descisions, descisions…

Why is it that every time you’ve just about made your mind up that you’re going to do something, the whole game change?

I thought I was ready to go ahead and take a job and now something else cropped up and all of a sudden the previous offer doesn’t seem all that interesting any more. But all this means that now I have to wait and see what’ll happen, as the new offer isn’t set in stone yet.

In the meantime I’m busy working on a project of my own, that again might not work out the way I wanted it to, but I guess that’s always the case when you have to rely on other people. Given some time it might still work out, but the question is how much time I have to get it off the ground before I get too involved with something else to not bother.

Sorry about being so cryptic, but I can’t really spill the beans until I know what’s going on and then I promise I’ll come clean.

A friend of mine has just opened up a new cafe here in Taipei and I’ll be adding more details about it later. For now you can have a look at for more details.

New hosting service

So, I had enough with my old host, they might’ve been dirt cheap, but it was just too much hassle everytime I wanted to do something with WordPress, so I decided to move the site.

I’m also busy working on another project on the site which will hopefully kick off in the not too distant future as things have finally started to move forward, albeit slowly.

Right now the site is in chaos, as I need to fix some stuff with the plugins to put everything back in the order it was. I’m also going to look at finding myself a more attractive design for the site. Stay tuned for a bunch of updates.

Holiday etc…

So, it’s the week after Chinese New Year and things are getting back to normal, more or less. We had a great 10 days in Boracay and if you haven’t been, I’d suggest you go if you get the chance. I highly suggest you try to make it there one day if you haven’t been. Although somewhat developed, its free from international chain restaurants, although a few of the bigger international hotel chains have made their way there.

We stayed on the “wrong” side of the island, but as the island is only about 1km wide at its narrowest point, it wasn’t much of a walk. We stayed in the Reef Retreat hotel and if you’re into wind or kite surfing, then this is the place to stay in, as Bulabog beach is meant to be the place for these sports. We did see quite a few surfers and some of them were quite impressive.

The main beach on Boracay is called White beach and the sand was indeed quite white. The water was really nice and clean and the beach was one of the best I’ve ever been to. The water wasn’t quite as shallow as I expected after reading up on Boracay, although I’m used to the shallow beaches on the west and south coast of Sweden which I guess doesn’t compare.

We had some great meals and if you’re going, make sure you visit the local Greek restaurant, Cyma and don’t miss the wet market, the seafood there is really cheap and tastes great, just make sure you pick one of the bigger restaurants to cook the seafood for you, as we had a bad experience with one of the smaller restaurants at a second visit. Don’t bother with the Ole tapas place, it wasn’t very good both in terms of the food or value.

Since we got back, I managed to find myself some active lactic culture and I’ve made my own Filmjölk and it came out really good. I’m now on my fifth batch from the first culture and it’s still coming out good. I’ve really missed this stuff as it’s been over two years since I’ve had it. It’s just a shame that most of the cereal here is overpriced or crappy tasting, but I can make do. If you live in Taiwan and want to know how to make Filmjölk, feel free to get in touch with me.My next project is to try to make cottage cheese, but this might not be as easy…