Descisions, descisions, descisions…

Why is it that every time you’ve just about made your mind up that you’re going to do something, the whole game change?

I thought I was ready to go ahead and take a job and now something else cropped up and all of a sudden the previous offer doesn’t seem all that interesting any more. But all this means that now I have to wait and see what’ll happen, as the new offer isn’t set in stone yet.

In the meantime I’m busy working on a project of my own, that again might not work out the way I wanted it to, but I guess that’s always the case when you have to rely on other people. Given some time it might still work out, but the question is how much time I have to get it off the ground before I get too involved with something else to not bother.

Sorry about being so cryptic, but I can’t really spill the beans until I know what’s going on and then I promise I’ll come clean.

A friend of mine has just opened up a new cafe here in Taipei and I’ll be adding more details about it later. For now you can have a look at for more details.