The Windmill

This Thursday night of all nights of the week, we visited a new place in Taoyuan called The Hometown of Windmill. Go figure about how they come up with names for restaurants here. The name seems to come from the fact that the building has a large windmill on it. They server “European” style food, but also steak and some other things.

I ordered the Milanese style lamb with risotto while Brenda ordered the leg of duck with risotto and for an extra NT$150 she also got a “sallad”, soup, dessert and a beverage. All tables had a carafe with water and the service was pretty decent. The environment was also pleasant and they seemed to be doing the European thing with loads of different kinds of cutlery.

The “sallad” was very strange and had wasabi on it, something Brenda didn’t care for much at all and while she’d only just started her sallad, my main course turned up, which seemed a bit strange. The soup consisted of pumpkin soup in a pumpkin shaped bowl and it was apparently quite tasty. We also got some bread rolls, which looked like the average local stuff, but tasted surprisingly like a french roll and had the same crusty texture.

The Milanese style lamb was more like a lamb shank, and I was kind of expecting something like an escalope, but the meat was very tender and really tasty. The risotto, well, it was better than average here, but still no risotto. Brenda’s duck was a bit dry and not that great. The dessert consisted of some strange little selections, some kind of chocolate gateau similar to the black forest kind, a raspberry on some sauce, bits of pineapple with that tasted like a hint of cinnamon and some kind of min pannacotta.

The total came up to about NT$1,100 with service charges etc, which wasn’t too bad, although, the steak and some of the other stuff on the menu was priced at more than that per portion. You can find the Windmill’s website here and there are some more information in Chinese there as well as some pictures of their food. The map below doesn’t show anything on the location of the restaurant, as it wasn’t built at the time the Google map satellite photo was taken.

Update: This place seem to have closed.


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