So, we're moving…

After a lot of though and time spent discussing what we’re going to do, we’ve decided to move. We’re going to move back into Taipei, as it makes a lot more sense being there as Brenda works there and I spend a lot of time visiting companies there. We’ve found a nice place and we’re going to go and sort out all of the details on Saturday, so hopefully all that will be in order so we can move in some time in mid August.

The woman next door has driven us slightly mad and it’s time to get away from here. Although there’s nothing wrong with this flat, well, in fact, it’s actually bigger than the place we’re moving to, we just can’t hack it here any more. Besides, fuel prices are going up and its getting expensive driving that far every day for Brenda and it can be a long drive when the traffic is bad.

The new place is actually brand spanking new, they haven’t even finished building the whole complex and it looks quite nice. They’re meant to have a gym, a spa, a small cinema and some other neat stuff, so all that sounds good and the price we found a place there for was very reasonable. Fingers crossed, Brenda will get this place sold quickly as well.

It might not be super convenient located, as you have to take a shuttle bus to the MRT station, but it still beats having to take a taxi to the train station and then the high speed train to get into Taipei. It’s also close to the mountains and there seem to be some places where you can head out there. It’s also closer to some of our friends which should improve our social life a bit, as we’ve been part lazy and part too far away for a lot of stuff, so it’s time to get active and social again…

Anyhow, we’ll see how things turn out, but by this time next month, we should’ve moved if all goes smooth, which I guess it never does.

I almost forgot, on Friday we’re going to Flavours along with what should be a big group of other Swedish people as the Swedish Trade Council has arranged a get together there, so that’ll be cool.