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Fancy some real pizza? Then Zoca should be on your list of places to visit as it’s run by an Italian pasty chef. That said Zoca offers slightly different pizzas as the owner is from the northern parts of Italy where apparently pizza comes with an extra helping of sauce. This in itself isn’t a bad thing, but I just wanted to give a heads up if you’re used to slightly less saucy pizza.

The toppings are also a bit unusual, but there’s plenty to choose from and there’s likely to be a fair few things to anyone’s liking. Please note that this is a pizza place and as such 99 percent of the menu is pizza, although a few starters, salads and lasagna is also available. The crust on the pizza is thing and very good, something most pizza places in Taipei can’t compete with.

If you think the pizza is good, then you need to try the deserts, as I mentioned, the owner is a pastry chef by trade and makes some fantastic desserts. A must try is the mille foglie, although it’s only available during weekends due to the time it takes to make. That said, he also offers things like apfelstrudel and several Italian types of pastry and pies. These days he also makes gelato in a range of different flavours that varies by what he feels like making. You can find more details on Zoca’s Facebook page.

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  1. My husband & I are Americans who lived in Verona for 3 yrs, becoming great friends with Fede and Ling. Fede cooks with love. They’ve come to our home in New Jersey and cooked for us there. In Verona Fede was a highly trained pastry chef at the most prestigious bakery in the city. At night he was the primary pizza creator at a pizzeria. We are really happy to read about the great success Zocatelli is becoming. Bon appetit e
    buona fortuna a nostri amici cari!

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