Oh boy…

I guess I’ve really neglected this blog, as I haven’t written anything on it for over a year…

I’m still in Taiwan, although these days I have a full-time job and things are overall much better than they’ve been for a few years. I’m working on a project on the side that has taken far more time than we expected, but hopefully we should be launching something come next year. The project is related to video streaming, so if it’s something you’re doing on a semi-professional basis, make sure you check out http://throwput.com/ come next year, as we should have an interesting product for anyone that’s stuck using a webcam of a FireWire camcorder by then, but I don’t want to reveal too much information about it right now.

If you ever think about creating your own product, expect it take at least six months longer than you thought it would, as things are never as easy as you think they are.

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