Finally… or something like that…

So, after many years in the IT industry, most of them as an IT journalist, I’ve gotten around to starting my own site. It’s something I’ve wanted to do many a times before, but I’ve just never gotten around to it.

Some might think that now is a bad time to go and start a new business, but it seems like things have started to slowly improve and either which way, things have gotten to the stage where I’ve run out of options as to what to do.

The website is called mobile+notebook although as you can’t use plus signs, the actual url uses and instead of the plus sign. It will cover all things mobile technology related, although currently you’ll only find news on the site as I’m still working on building up the content on the site. However, as soon as I manage to get my hands on some new, interesting hardware to play with, there will of course be reviews on the site.

Hopefully you’ll like what I’ve done so far, although there’s still much work to be done and as I’m not very much of a coder, there are things that I can’t really do. I’m at least happy with what I’ve managed to put together and if I ever make any money from the site, at least some of that will go towards a better design.

3 thoughts on “Finally… or something like that…”

  1. Thank your for sharing the video of your hard working cat pushing the water jug! That is a good way to “save” yourself from moving it to the front door in that heat!

    I sent your blog info about shops, supermarkets, etc. to my daughter who just moved to Taipei. I was wondering whether there would be “open” markets there where one could buy (cheaper) fresh produce in the Da’an area or one accessible to it?

    Congratulations! I read you won the Notebook!

  2. There are plenty of local markets, but you’ll have to look around for them, I dunno where she lives and Taipei is a big place with a lot of markets, but yes, certain things can be a lot cheaper in the markets. Fruit and vegetables is also usually better quality there.
    Didn’t win a netbook, I won some press release send out thingie….

  3. Ana, There are several wet markets in the Da-An area. Encourage your daughter to wake up early and walk down alleys near her house. She can even just follow the people pulling metal grocery holders. Generally, markets sell fresh goods in the morning, then change to goods markets and eateries in the afternoon/early evening.

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