Nyonya is what I’d consider one if not the best Singaporean/Malaysian style restaurant in Taiwan. It’s located in Taoyuan and I’ve never been dissapointed with the food when I’ve gone there. They have a somewhat limited menu, but everything is excellet. You must try their sambal shrimp, it’s really tasty. Other excellente choices are the Malaysian and Indian style bbq chicken and for a first time visit, I’d suggest you ask to get half and half of the chicken which they’re more than happy to serve. My girlfriend loves their chicken wings and I can only agree, possibly the best I’ve ever had and I don’t really care for chicken wings.

Nyonya is open Tuesday to Sunday 11.30-14.30 for lunch and 17.00-23.00 for dinner. Their address is 桃園市南平路421 號 which is close to TGI Friday’s in Taoyuan and you can give them a call on (03)316-2662. You can also visit their website, although it’s not great, but at least there’s a menu on there. They do speak a little bit of English and the service is generally really good.

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Update: Sadly this placed closed not long after we left Taoyuan and I haven’t managed to find anything like it in Taipei.

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