Ok, I'm lazy…

Well, I really should’ve uploaded all ’em old post and I should’ve written something new here, but I’ve just been too lazy…
I should use this space for something sensible, but I can’t be asked, so I’ll most likely carry on posting my general ramblings about my life in Taiwan for now.
Might end up going to Korea over the (non-)holiday’s next month if I can manage to sort it all out, would be cool to go and meet up with a guy I got in touch with there a few years ago and who works for LG now.
It’s cheap to fly there and although it will be cold and snow, it might not be so bad to spend a few days away and do something quite different, as all the places I’ve been to here so far has been quite warm if not outright hot.
Bought a bread machine a couple of weeks ago, first few attempts didn’t come out too great and the third load was more like rock hard cake than bread. However, today I managed to make some pretty nice rye bread in it which was like real bread. I guess it just takes a bit of figuring out to make it do the job for me.
It’s not that I can’t do it in my puny over, but this takes away all the hassle and makes a nice big loaf, something my oven isn’t really equipped for, although I might just spend some cash next month as Costco has a special on what is meant to be quite a large oven in comparison, although nothing like the stuff I’m used to from Europe.
Otherwise life is fairly quiet and normal at the moment, no big new to report this time.
Until next time…

New site engine

Long time no post, well, I’ve changed over to WordPress and hopefully I’ll get all my old posts up here in due time, don’t have time to write much right now, but I’ll post a full update later this week (I hope).