A week until the move

So, we’re finally about to move, a few things still need to be sorted out like AC, Internet and so on, but at least the moving company and most other things are set. I’ve been quite busy over the past couple of weeks, hence the lack of updates, but I’m going to try to add some more posts and some pictures of the new place as soon as we’ve moved in.

Poor little Rainbow was neutered this week, but she’s been a good girl and not licked the stitches so she just had to wear the collar for a day or so. She really hated wearing it and when we took her home she was a bit drugged as well and kept bumping into things. The only problem was that I left the collar on the front room table and it had a rolled up bandage which was used to tie it around her neck attached to it. For some reason she decided it was a good thing to eat this bandage when we were out, something that can’t have been too healthy for her.

We only realised what had happen later that night when she was sitting on the bed and I noticed a poop in her ass. Brenda got some tissue to try to wipe it off, but it turned out it wasn’t just poop as it was the bandage that was coming out, so she had to pull the whole thing out was was about 15-20cm long… Poor Rainbow, but it’s hard to control what she chews on and eats. She’s eaten a few bits of string before and seems to like to pull bits of string out of towels. From what the vet said it can be lethal for a cat to eat strings, but I don’t know how to stop her from eating them when we’re not around.

At least she seems to be just fine, although she left little bits of poo all over the place, yuck…