New stuff

Ok, it looks like the new site design is coming together, simple, yet elegant (or something). I got some help by my friend Gavin, as I really suck at PHP.

I’ve added two new pages, Places to eat in Taiwan and Food related stuff. The idea is to provide a list of good places to eat in Taiwan (mostly Taipei and Taoyuan) and a list of where to find stuff needed for cooking, or at least where you can try finding it.

I was also planning on sticking up a few recipes here if I have time, especially for things I’ve tried to make the old fashined way because they’re not available here in Taiwan or are very expensive and can be done cheaply.

I’m going to try to update the site a lot more regularly as well and maybe it’ll become useful to those looking for things in Taiwan, especially those new to the country. I’m also going to add a few more pictures to the picture gallery, but that’ll take a bit more time. That’s it for now…