Gott Nytt År

Happy New Year….
Yeah, I know, it’s a couple of days late, but hey…
We had a pretty quiet new year, we went down and looked at the local fireworks which were pretty good none the less, especially as Brenda didn’t expect there to be anything here.
We’ve had some “issues” with our neighbour though, we just can’t figure out why.
We got back one night after having had some dinner and she was standing outside our door shouting at it. She was accusing us of having moved the walls in her apartment and we had broken her TV and we were too noisy.

After that it just got worse, she even called me Bin Laden number two and we shouldn’t think that we would get special treatment just because we were foreginers…
Aparently she’s not quite right in the head and she’s quite old, but it’s frustrating to have your neighbour knock your wall with what sounds like a sledgehammer when you’re trying to watch TV or have her scream at the top of her lungs outside your door…
Oh well, never mind.

Turns out my little brother went on a five week trip the US, travling from New York all the way down to Key West by himself, not bad going and not something I’d expect of him, so good going.
We’re looking at going somewhere for the Chinese new year or there abouts, we’ll see what we can find, maybe Thailand or Malaysia, not sure as yet.

All the best to everyone reading this until next time